A person may go through a traumatic event, and never realise what the effect the trauma had on them.   It may even be up to a year or two or more afterwards before the person may feel stuck from experiencing trauma.    As a result of trauma, a person may begin to feel unsure of themselves, they may feel frightened or nervous in given situations.      A person may be completely oblivious to what has happened to them, not knowing that the trauma that they experienced in their life is causing them to feel this way.


On the other hand, a person who experienced a trauma may be well aware of the trauma, and may feel nervous or anxious as a result of the trauma.    These feelings of nervousness as a consequence of a trauma may begin to interfere with their life.   The trauma may be causing them to avoid social events or the person may begin to be become more introverted.    Indeed, trauma may cause a person to feel huge fear in any given situation.

How can Counselling help You?

Counselling can help you to firstly identify that what happened when you experienced the trauma be it a year ago or recently that is now causing problems in your life.   When an individual speaks about the trauma, it may well be the first time they ever spoke to anyone about it.      Once the person begin to speak about the trauma, whilst, they may be going back over the trauma, the person will begin the process of healing as a result of that event.


Sometimes, when a person experiences trauma in their lives, it may leave a scar such as, being unable to perform a certain task.    In this case, Patricia will normally give her clients coping mechanisms to deal with the trauma.   Patricia finds that Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural therapy works with clients who have experienced a trauma, in that it helps the person to focus on where they are now.   The mindfulness cognitive behavioural therapy brings the focus to the present.


It is always a privilege to work with people who have experienced trauma, to see them face their trauma with courage, and ultimately see the individual come through as a stronger individual.