We believe that our Relationships Issues Program is a core mechanism at Galway Counselling to help manage and control Abuse Emotional and Physical, Relationship Issues, and Separation.

Galway Counselling can help you to overcome Abuse Emotional/Physical by listening emphatically and being there for you to talk openly in a confidential setting about the abuse. Galway Counselling can help you to deal or cope with Relationship Issues where problems are arising from being unable to form long standing relationships or to deal with problems within a present relationship that continue to manifest themselves. Galway Counselling can free you from making the same mistakes time and time again. As Galway Counselling is a total confidential service you will find that by speaking about your relationship issue aloud with someone unconnected with your life, this will help you, and through the expertise of the therapist together we will get to the root cause of the problem.

How can Galway Counselling Help you with Relationship Issues

Galway Counselling can help you address this problem in your life.   Patricia has worked with many clients to help them to address this issue.   Patricia will initially use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to identify the thoughts that are causing this problem.  A lot of times client may have a lot of negative thoughts, therefore, Patricia will give the client a coping mechanism to help them change the negative thoughts into ones of positivity.


Sometimes, the work involves exploring the issues that affected the client that resulted in them not being able or being afraid to form a bond with others.    Patricia will get to the root cause of the problem, through either inner child healing or utilizing the talking cure to identify what it was like for the client in past traumatic events or what has caused the client to not be able to trust or bond with others.

Patricia has helped numerous clients to be able to form long lasting relationships, and to be able to voice how they feel in a relationship without fear of being rejected or abandoned by the other person.

Relationship counselling is at the core of what Patricia does best.

When separation and relationship issues becomes an problem for either a single person or a person within a relationship, a person may experience huge feelings of loss and isolation. Galway Counselling can help you to deal with any separation that you are presently experiencing. Galway Counselling can help you to overcome problems within your relationships because we get to the root cause of the problem.

Relationship Times

Abuse Emotional and Physical
Emotional or physical abuse can happen in any relationship. Physical abuse is where a person is physically hit or kicked or beaten by another person. Emotional abuse is where a person is constantly being put down by another person. A person may believe that their partner only hit them because they deserved it in that they did something wrong, Galway Counselling relationship isssues has the solution. READ MORE

Separation can have two meanings, sometimes, a person may feel separated when they are apart from their family or a person may feel separated within the family or group that they belong to. A person may have a feeling of loss during this time of separation. With our relationships issues program we are here to make a difference, READ MORE

Relationship Issues
We may feel like we cannot cope when faced with a certain relationship issue. Sometimes too,  we may have difficulty coping in work situations with difficult or aggressive people. We may have thoughts like “how come I always pick the wrong person for a partner” or “how come they always pick on me” or “how come I get myself in these situations” or “how come it always happens to me – how come I didn’t see that from the beginning”. A person may experience feelings of being stuck and of not knowing why they always have problems in relationships.Our relationships issue program at Galway Counselling is the key to success. READ MORE