Bring The Light

Anxiety is a condition that can paralyse an individual.   In Galway Counselling Patricia has been able to work successfully with individuals to enable them to overcome this problem.

Patricia normally will use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help individuals recognise thoughts that are causing their anxiety to become extreme.   Patricia will normally give clients coping mechanisms that she has found to be successful in helping the individual to overcome this problem in their lives.

You can overcome this problem, and be able to get on with your life.

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Anxiety Stress
When a person is under pressure to perform they may experience an anxiety attack. An anxiety attack can also happen out of the blue or when a person is not necessarily under stress. Our health and wellness program is key to taking control over Anxiety. READ MORE

Anger Management
Angry feelings come out without a person even being aware in the moment how angry or aggressive they may sound. The anger takes control and shoots out of their mouth before they can stop it or put a lid on it. The health and wellness program at Galway Counselling is here to help control Anger. READ MORE

A person may feel despair, may feel there is no way out, no let up to the constant pain in their body. A person may feel miserable, speechless with pain, with the only way of handling these difficulties is by shutting down, with our health and wellness program there is a light available to bring a close to depression. READ MORE

Panic Attacks
When a person experiences a panic attack it feels like they are going to have a heart attack. They experience extreme chest pain, feelings of not being able to breath, feelings of panic and despair. Our health and wellness program is fundamental to success. READ MORE

Eating Disorders
An eating disorder such as bulimia, anorexia nervosa and binge eating can destroy a person’s life. In fact, the eating disorder anorexia nervosa if allowed to develop can be fatal. So why, do people develop these disorders? A health and wellness program will make a difference, READ MORE

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
An excessive compulsive disorder can leave a person drained, exhausted and petrified that they have forgotten something or that they themselves are not clean enough or the house is not clean enough. Our Health and Wellness program is a fundamental part in getting over this symptom. READ MORE