What is Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a facility whereby a professional who is feeling stuck in their work, and who may need some help sorting out a problem in their work place, address the issue in supervision, and through attending supervision answers emerge.   For many professions it is a pre-requisite or necessary component for continual professional development.    The professions with whom Patricia is trained to work with in clinical supervision include the following:

Counsellors; Psychotherapists; Nurses; Social Workers; Social Care Workers; Doctors; Teachers.

Patricia’s Qualifications:-

Patricia holds an Honours Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy and is currently completing her Masters in Clinical Supervision (to be completed by end of July, 2018).   She also holds a Higher Diploma in Clinical Supervision, and is accredited with IACP.     Patricia is currently completing her Masters in Clinical Supervision.



Patricia uses a person centred approach, and takes a more collaborative explorative approach.   Sometimes she uses visual or meditative approaches to uncover unconscious processes in therapy room or work situation to find out what is happening.    Indeed, some supervisees find engaging in Patricia’s type of clinical supervision more invigorating rather than focussing totally on the story type supervision.    Patricia believes if we can allow the unconscious process to emerge in clinical supervision then as therapists, nurses etc. we will emerge being better able to work with clients or cope with patients etc.


Patricia takes on a more understanding, and humble approach to supervision, as opposed to  being the SUPERvisor, she believes that if the supervisee can be encouraged to look at and examine their mistakes as opposed to hiding them, then learning can become apparent, and from this awareness the supervisee with grow and develop.