Stress can cause a person to feel exhausted, it almost feels like the person becomes drained of energy.   Stress can bring on more serious illness such as cancer.   Furthermore, when a person experiences stress, sometimes they experience other feeling such as heart beating, sweating, together with feelings of panic.    Therefore, it is important for a person to get a hold of what is happening, and to learn new ways of dealing with their stress.    What is more, it is imperative that a person learns to control and significantly reduce their stress.


Sometimes, stress becomes part and particle of who the person is.   They become unaware of what they are doing to their body.    They begin to believe that stress is part of who they are, being unaware that by making small changes in their life that they can eradicate stress from their bodies.     Stress, can be known as the silent killer who is constantly leaving the person feeling tired and drained.


How can Galway Counselling help you to reduce your Stress Levels

In Galway Counselling we have helped many clients to learn to deal differently with their stress.   Patricia will normally give clients who present symptoms of stress, coping mechanisms that are successful in helping the client to learn new ways of dealing with stressful events.   Once the client, learns new ways of dealing with potential stressful situations, and as a result of their stress levels reducing they will benefit from overall better health.


Patricia will normally use mindfulness cognitive behavioural therapy to help the individual to deal differently with stress.   Sometimes, Patricia will explore past experiences with the client in order to get to the trigger that is causing the stress. Patricia finds that the clients who are open to taking up the coping mechanisms, and who begin to implement the coping mechanisms begin to improve, and begin to have more control over potential stressful situations.

Patricia can help you achieve this aim.