Patricia Heneghan set up this Counselling Centre in order to open up counselling to anyone who really needs help to overcome their problems.  That is why Patricia offers low cost counselling to those who are less well off, due to unemployment.   She believes that counselling can change lives, as she has seen this in her clients who finish therapy.   Those who are committed to working on themselves, who take up the coping mechanisms that she offers, and who are prepared to work on their issues always succeed on completing therapy with Patricia.   Patricia describes therapy as being similar to climbing a small hill in e.g. Connemara, coming home, packing the suitcase, in the hope of climbing Mount Everest.   Of course, this is not possible, but by climbing the many small hills, and allowing ourselves sometimes to slip back, and by being prepared to get up and fight for that lost self, some day we are able for Everest.

It is a privilege working with people, it always moves me to see my clients leaving therapy as much stronger people.

You too, will be able to climb your Everest.


Patricia Heneghan worked for Galway City Council (formerly known as Galway Corporation) for 28 years, from the year 1980 to the year 2009. Patricia started working in the Housing Department of Galway City Council in 1990. This afforded her the opportunity to work with many types of individuals, namely people who were homeless, disabled, people who were living in overcrowded housing conditions, the elderly and people from the travelling community.

An Executive Officer from another Department within the City Council called Patricia aside one day to tell her that she felt she should be utilising her talent to a greater extent. She explained that Patricia should go and work full time with people in some capacity or another. Her words stayed with Patricia Heneghan and in 2005 she decided to commence her training to becoming a Counsellor.

In 2005 Patricia Heneghan applied to the Tivoli Institute to do her Professional Training course in Counselling. As part of her training, Patricia had to undergo 100 hours of counselling and 150 client hours. In order to become accredited with IACP, it was mandatory that she complete a further 600 client hours.

In January 2012, Patricia Heneghan became an accredited Counsellor with IACP.

Since finishing her training with the Tivoli Institute, Patricia Heneghan has completed many additional courses such as Hypnotherapy. Patricia does not practice as a Hypnotherapist, she does however, incorporate the skills of hypnotherapy in her inner child healing work.

Patricia completed further training, and is specialised in couple counselling, she holds a Diploma in Couple Counselling.

Patricia holds huge importance for continuous professional development and as a result she is constantly updating her skills. Patricia has completed varied workshops such as dream interpretation, holistic approach to addiction, gestalt therapy, and the Assist run workshop on Suicide.     In October, 2014, Patricia was awarded a Degree (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies, she is currently completing her Masters in Clinical Supervision, and was recently awarded a Higher Diploma in Clinical Supervision.

Someone asked her on the day she was leaving Galway City Council how she felt about embarking on a new career after spending 28 years in the one job. Her reply was simply, for 28 years I have felt like a round peg in a square hole, what a change it will be to be a round peg in a round hole.

Today, Patricia is just that, She simply love’s her work. The advice she was given all those years ago stand true.

Thank you for reading this brief description and I hope it has given you a glimpse into who I am.

You take care,

Patricia Heneghan