Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be the cause of grave concern for individuals who experience them.   Panic attacks can cause the heart to raise, sweating, and extreme fear making the person feel frightened, and in fear of getting a heart attack.

As a result of constantly experiencing panic attacks, a person may begin to feel nervous about going to any social event or moving out of their environment.   Therefore, panic attacks may leave a person feeling trapped and isolated.   As a result of panic attacks, a person  may feel totally deflated, exhausted, and crippled with fear of not being able to control the possibility of an attack happening at any possible time.     A person may even experience  panic attacks during the night, thus, leaving a fear of going back to sleep.



How can Galway Counselling Help you to Overcome Panic Attacks?

In Galway Counselling we have worked successfully with individuals to help them overcome panic attacks.   Patricia will normally give her clients coping mechanisms, ultimately leading to the success of overcoming panic attacks.        The coping mechanisms that Patricia has used with people to help them with their panic attacks has been successful, with many clients learning new skills and ways to overcome this problem.


The client will gradually begin to take back their control and overcome their panic attacks  when they begin to try out the coping mechanisms that Patricia gives them.   The client who is prepared to start using the coping mechanism will succeed in overcoming their panic attacks.


Patricia will normally use mindfulness cognitive therapy to enable the client to eradicate the thoughts that are bringing on the panic attacks.  Once the client learns how to control the thoughts, they will begin to feel more in control, and as a result the panic attacks will begin to subside.


Patricia will work with the client to explore the triggers that are bringing on the attacks.   Subsequently, the client learns to change the thoughts, that lead to the change in behaviour, thus, leading to the client moving away from experiencing panic attacks.