Inner Child Healing

What is Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing involves looking at the child within us.   We all have a child within us, and if that child got hurt when we were younger, then we can address this hurt, through inner child healing.   Inner child healing involves going back to a situation of when we got hurt or had a traumatic experience in our lives that is currently manifesting in our current life by way of feeling anxious or depressed today.


What happens is that the client is grounded and made feel relaxed, when the client is relaxed and subsequently allow their minds to relax, their subconscious mind will bring them back to a time in their lives when they felt traumatised, Patricia will then intuitively readdress the situation e.g. undo the harm that was done, or allow the client to say what they needed to say in the moment.   Sometimes, a client will have very little memory of an incident that happened but knew somehow, that it affected their life.   When doing the inner child healing the client may even recover memories of the event such as e.g. regarding the clothes they had on the day of the incident, that prior to doing the inner child healing, they had no prior knowledge of.


What Happens as a Result of Doing this Work?

The client may feel very emotional in the week after therapy.   Sometimes a client might say “I cried and cried”, other times, a client who was feeling anxious about something bad happening may say “I felt calmer in the last week”.    It releases emotions, and brings about healing be it by way of a feeling of being calmer, or almost a setting free of old traumatic events that are still causing havoc in their lives.