Eating Disorder

A person who suffers from eating disorder such as bulimic or anorexia nervosa may find it exhausting, on account of their constant struggle to overcome their eating disorder.   It is difficult for a person to overcome an eating disorder, and sometimes, a person may find themselves being constantly drawn back to maintaining strict control over what they eat.     As a result of a person’s eating disorder a person may feel trapped, wanting to keep the control while at the same time wanting to be free to enjoy food.


An eating disorder may leave a person feeling totally deflated and annoyed with themselves for not being able to loosen the control over what they eat.    Sometimes, a person develops an eating disorder due to what happened in their past.      Patricia will normally travel back with the person to explore what happened in their past that caused the person to develop their eating disorder, that is causing them to experience problems in their life.


How Can Galway Counselling Help you Overcome this Problem?

In Galway Counselling we have worked successfully with individuals to help them overcome their eating disorder.   Patricia will normally give her clients coping mechanisms, that leads to the clients learning new ways of controlling what they eat.    The client will learn to overcome this problem when they begin to try out the coping mechanisms.   The client who is prepared to start using the coping mechanism will succeed.


Once the client begins to start having control over their eating disorder, Patricia will explore with the client what is causing this behaviour.   Thus, Patricia will get to the root cause of the problem.   Patricia will normally work with the client to track back to the source of how the individual developed this problem.   Through exploring the past, this will bring more insight and awareness for the client, thus, leading them to ascertain control over their eating disorder.


Patricia finds that the clients who are open to taking up the coping mechanisms, and who begin to implement the coping mechanisms begin to improve, and begin to have more control over their eating disorder.