Depression can over shadow our world, and lead us to feeling really low, sad, and unable to cope with everyday living.    When the shadow overcomes a person, and the negative thoughts begin to over power the person, a person may feel that there is no way out.   At Galway Counselling, we can help the person to begin to take control over the negative thoughts.

Sometimes, clients who suffer from depression are often seen to be obsessed with the future.   In counselling, Patricia will explore with the client how the thoughts are resulting in them feeling depressed.

How can Galway Counselling Help You?

Firstly, Patricia will listen to how the client is feeling.   Sometimes, a client just needs to talk to someone who will listen to how they are feeling.   By building up the alliance with the client, the client will begin gradually to feel safe and secure in counselling to openly explore how they are feeling.


Initially, Patricia will give her client Coping Mechanisms that Work to help the client to identify the negative thoughts, that is causing the client to feel depressed.   The coping mechanisms will help the client to be able change the negative thoughts to ones of positivity.    By changing the thoughts, the client will begin to feel different.


Sometimes, clients who feel depressed may have always felt this way.    The negative thought process has been enshrined in their very being.    At Galway Counselling, Patricia gets to the root cause of the client inability to instigate positive thoughts on account of their past experience in their family of origin, or through experiences in institutions such as schools.    By exploring these experiences the client who is depressed will become stronger, and better able to cope with their depression.


Patricia finds that clients who are prepared to take on the coping mechanisms normally are successful at over coming their depression.