Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling is a specialist skill for which Patricia underwent training for with Accord. Couples who live together may experience difficulties in their relationship for a variety of reasons such as lack of communication, stress brought on by financial pressures or alcohol/drug or gambling addictions.

They may be a wide range of issues that cause the relationship to get into trouble. Sometimes, indeed couples just drift apart by simply not spending time together and by not being intimate with each other or indeed by not getting involved in each others lives. For whatever the reason the relationship which was once a happy one has become dulled or dormant in some way or other.

When you decide to come for counselling you are deciding to safe your relationship.


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Couple counselling can help your relationship get back on track in that by talking with someone unconnected with your life, a couple will begin to see what is happening or what has caused their relationship to drift apart.

Both people get a chance to state what they feel. It may well be the first time that the other person has actually listened to them. Often a member of a couple may say “I never knew you thought like that or I did not know that my e.g. drinking was affecting you in that way”.

Each person is allowed to talk and the therapist will always endeavour that a fair hearing is given to both parties. Balance is of the utmost importance and Patricia always endeavours to make sure that both parties are heard.
Often times Patricia acts as an observer as couples speak their minds. A couple will often find it a relief that they get to say what they have wanted to say for some considerable length of time. Patricia’s job is to counsel the relationship, therefore, Patricia is not there to counsel either one on their own. It is so important that both parties get a fair hearing.

Galway Counselling is very successful in helping couples overcome difficulties in their relationships