A person may experience a lack of confidence for any reason.   Experiencing lack of confidence, and not being able to stand up for ourselves, is indeed, the most crippling feeling that anyone can experience.   Sometimes, the feeling of lack of confidence may make a person be inclined to be unable to say “no” to people, which in turn can leave the person feeling exhausted.


Lack of confidence may lead a person to feeling like they always have to do what other people want, inside the person may feel the conflict, which can lead the person to be constantly giving out to themselves – “why couldn’t you just say no”, this inner conflict may cause a person to feel tired.


Not having the confidence to stand up for ourselves in given situations, may cause us to feel powerless, in turn, we tend to turn on the negativity to “slate” ourselves for being unable to do this, and this constant conflict within ourselves may cause us to feel very unsure of ourselves.    Sometimes, the lack of confidence is linked with fear, which may be linked back to our past.    Fear can cause us be frightened to stand up for ourselves, and have the confidence to say “no”.


How can Galway Counselling Help You?

Galway Counselling can help you regain your confidence by initially giving you coping mechanisms to help you deal with any given situation.    Once a person begins to use the coping mechanisms they will begin to feel more empowered, and gradually their confidence will emerge, and they will become stronger individuals, without losing their personality.


In order to overcome lack of confidence, we may need to explore together what is the root cause of the problem.   Once we identify the root cause through e.g. inner child healing, and change our feelings about what happened to us in the past, then gradually the person will begin to feel more confident in themselves.    It is important to get to the root of the problem or why a person is lacking in confidence because by doing so, we can rid of the problem for good.


Patricia finds that it is always a privilege to work with people, and witness the person move on to become that confident person that can change and grow and be whatever they want in life.