Bullying effects the core of a person, and according to Patricia destroys “the soul”.     A person who experiences bullying may suffer for years of low confidence.    Bullying makes a person feel “not good enough” or a person may feel “like a failure”.     Sometimes, bullying affects the linguistic power of a person to put words together.    Sometimes, on account of bullying, a person may feel trapped by always saying “yes”, when they should be saying “no”.


Other times as a result of a person experiencing bullying, the words of the bully become installed inside of the person, and years later the person begins to use those negative words to attack ourselves.     Bullying can cause a person to experience low self-esteem, with feelings of “not being good enough” occupying their minds.    Bullying can have a long lasting effect on an individual, causing a person to believe the words of the bully long after they have experienced that bullying situation.


How can Galway Counselling Help You?

Galway Counselling can help you to find your voice which may have been destroyed as a result of the bullying.    Initially, Patricia when dealing with effects of bullying, will give a person coping mechanisms to deal with changing the negative thoughts installed by the bully into more positive ones.    Once the person who experiences bullying, begins to use the coping mechanisms, and they begin to change the negative thoughts, they find that they begin also to stand up for themselves.


Once change begins to occur in the counselling sessions, and change will occur. Consequently, the person will begin to make tentative steps to overcome the negativity that got installed as a result of the bullying, and as a result feel more confident in themselves.


Patricia has worked with many clients who experienced bullying, and she maintains that it is always a privilege to see the person experience this change, and begin maybe for the first time, to stand up for themselves.   Ultimately, the goal in counselling  is to address the hurt that the bullying caused, and to begin to repair the person’s believe system, so that, the person begins to stand up for themselves in any given situation.


Finally, the ultimate aim is to for the individual who experienced bullying is to begin to stand up for themselves, thus, the client will finally begin to experience a feeling of overcoming the bully.    Patricia believes that anyone is capable of experiencing this change in their lives which can and will be achieved in Patricia’s counselling room.