Constant blushing for no apparent reason may cause extreme agitation for a person.   A person may feel that they are unable to converse with others without finding themselves blushing.    Once the blushing starts, a person may start to get pre-occupied with the blushing to such an extent that they may feel they cannot concentrate on what the other person is saying.    Afterwards, a person may criticize themselves about blushing inappropriately; ultimately, this may lead the person to having problems regarding confidence and self-esteem.


Blushing may make a person feel different, and furthermore, blushing may cause a person to avoid social occasions for fear of blushing.   Blushing may cause a person to avoid any situation that would place them in the lime light, thus, their fear of blushing inappropriately, would cause them to not participate in social outings.     Blushing may cause a person to avoid going for promotion at work or taking on a leadership role in a work situation on account of the fact, that when performing that role, they may blush.     Blushing may be crippling for a person in any situation.


How can Galway Counselling help you?

Firstly, Patricia has worked with a number of people to help them eradicate their blushing problem.   Patricia will give the client coping mechanisms that work to help the person stay present without blushing inappropriately.    The client who is prepared to challenge themselves by taking up these coping mechanisms, find that they begin to get control over their blushing.


Clients who took up the coping mechanisms, have reported to Patricia feelings of becoming free of blushing, and furthermore, they have reported that they feel more confident in themselves.    Normally, Patricia will use Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which helps the person to become more focused, and allows the person to stay present in any given situation, thus, avoiding blushing.


It is always a privilege to see clients being able to recover from extreme blushing, and without doubt, Patricia says the recovery from blushing inappropriately always leads to the person becoming more confident in themselves.    Therefore, addressing your blushing problem, can lead you to becoming more confident in yourself.