Anxiety can cripple a person.   It leaves the person in a spin.   A lot of times negative words bring on the anxiety feelings in the body.   Anxiety can reach a level for a person in that they feel they have no control over the way they feel.   It can cause heart palpitations, similar to panic attack.


At Galway Counselling we believe that the first step to the person becoming well again, is when the person begins to take control.    So, how can Galway Counselling help you to regain that control.    Firstly, we examine what is happening, we identify through exploration the triggers that are causing this anxiety.    Secondly, we provide our clients with Coping Mechanism such as breathing exercises, and mindfulness.

Whenever, the client takes up these coping mechanisms they are taking the first step in overcoming this problem.    Once the client begins to initiate these coping mechanisms and they begin to feel better, we work with the client to find out the root cause of the problem.    Some clients may not wish to go over their past, and may be happy enough to move on with the coping mechanisms that they have incorporated into their lives, and that is ok too.   At Galway Counselling the counselling is centred on the client, they are the people in charge, and not the Counsellor.    Some clients may decide to come back at a later stage when they are ready, and examine their past.  For others, they continue, and are prepared to go back to the past, and examining what it was like for the client in the family home, or other situations like school, which may have been the original cause of the anxiety.

Patricia works with the client to instigate change, and help her clients to overcome their anxiety by implementation strategies to help them cope in different situations.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is an anxiety that overcomes a person whenever they are in social situation e.g. gathering of large crowds of people, meeting new people.   These interactions with people may cause a person to initiate inner conversations with themselves (this is not unusual, we all have an inner chat room) of how e.g. “he/she will think I’m awlful”, “Oh God I hope they don’t ask me anything” “oh what will I say if they ask me something”.    These inner negative chats with ourselves cripple us from being present for people.

How can Galway Counselling Help you with Social Anxiety

Galway Counselling can help you in that we provide our clients Coping Mechanisms that Work.    By the client taking up these coping mechanisms and being prepared to challenge themselves in different social setting Galway Counselling has found that clients who were prepared to do this, they began to feel freer in social settings.

It is such a privilege to see people who were unable to cope with social anxiety be able to attend that wedding or party, and to be able to feel the freedom of no longer being afraid to converse or be themselves in a group of people.

At Galway Counselling we believe anyone can overcome their anxiety, be it social or anxiety in different situations.   The key to Patricia success in helping people has been the coping mechanisms that she provides that