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Testimonials Of Our Clients At Galway Counselling Galway Ireland

It is my pleasure to give you the following testimony:For years I suffered from depression and anxiety, when we did the inner child healing, it released so many emotions for me.   I cried and cried but somehow through going the journey of the inner child healing I somehow became free of my depression and anxiety.   It was hard going back there to the bullying episodes I experienced but the freedom was huge.   Image the other day I was able to give a presentation to over 500 people.   I am so grateful for our work together.   Thank you.

“Thank you for helping me to get rid of my stress.   Thanks also, for the tips for helping me to deal with stressful situations in the future”.

“Thank you so much, you have really really made a difference in my life”.

“Thank you for helping me get to the root cause of my lack of confidence,all these years I have been unable to say ‘No’.   It really feels different being confident. It is a real good feeling”

“I used to have pain in my muscles, I attended doctors, massage therapist, physiotherapists.   I cannot believe it but after talking to you here about my feelings, my muscles have totally relaxed.   At one stage I could not tie my shoe lacers my muscles were so tight.   Don’t know how it happened but I feel amazing, thanks”.