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We have packed in as much relevant information one needs to avail of a counselling service, We hope this website site will be of some benefit to you, as we have put a lot of time and emphasis on each individual therapy,  this way giving a good idea of what can be expected when you visit us on a therapy session at Galway Low Cost Counselling Centre.

At Galway Low Cost Counselling Centre confidentiality is at the core of the therapy. We believe that it is an integral part of the therapy in that it is very important for our clients to feel safe to talk about their problems.  In Galway Counselling you will be working with Patricia (accredited with IACP).   In other low cost counselling organisations whilst, you may be met initially with an accredited Counsellor who assesses you to see if you are suitable for counselling. Please do not accept this, as everyone is suitable for counselling.   Afterwards, you may be working with a student.    Therefore, I would urge you to ask if your counsellor is accredited, if they say they are a member of Iacp or whoever, be warned this does not mean that they are accredited.    You may get in contact with us by using the Contact Page link below. Thank you for visiting our website. You take care. Patricia Heneghan, B.A. (Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy MIACP.

Our mission statement at Galway Low Cost Counselling centre is simply to provide a safe place for our clients to come to discuss their problems, with the ultimate goal being to bring about change in their lives. Galway Counselling is committed to working with clients in order to free them from their ongoing problems.

We believe that anybody who is committed to counselling can and will change. A person can go from having no confidence in themselves to realising their dreams, and more importantly standing up for themselves when faced with aggression of any kind. The reason why we are successful in helping people bring about whatever change they wish to achieve in their lives is because clients feel safe to talk about their problems, knowing the service is totally confidential.

Clients feel held and supported while going through counselling which can highlight difficult times in their lives. Goals for counselling can be realised and these achievements will bring about clients believing in themselves and their ability to do what they want to achieve in life.

Some of the Low Cost Counselling Organisations may charge you excessive rates of up to €80.00 per hour or even more, which can in cases result in you getting Counselling from unqualified Students, with initial meeting involving filling of forms and deposits etc.

On the other hand, other Low Cost Counselling Organisations may be more up front and charge you a minimum fee of €25.00

Galway Low Cost Free Association Counselling and Psychotherapy has no hidden agendas. Our fee of €40.00 per session is set for one to one low cost counselling for people unemployed, anyone who is employed fees of €50.00 per session apply and will not be doubled after any initial assessment, with a fee of €60.00 per session for Couple Counselling.  Whatsmore, the work begins straight away.

At Galway Low Cost Counselling centre Confidentiality is at the core of the therapy. It is so important that a client will feel safe to talk openly about their problems. The only time a breach of trust may occur would be if we thought that a client was at risk of harming themselves or others or if a child was at risk of being abused.

We would never breach that trust without firstly discussing it with the client in question. We here at Galway Low Cost Counselling centre follow a strict code of ethics in which the rule of confidentiality is enshrined.

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At Galway Counselling Our Services Are 100% Confidential

To get in touch with me simply call my mobile on 087 6886239 or contact me through E-mail by clicking on the button to the right, and filling out the form provided.  You Take Care | Patricia Heneghan